Well the game l…

Well the game last night was awesome. I got there around 6, and  unfortunately I was shutout in all of BP. I got ignored by all the orioles players, while wearing all the perfect orioles colors… Not cool, players where ignoring the little kids too. I finally got my first and only ball after BP, going to the dugout, I managed to get my sad face on and finally got a coach to throw me a ball. I ran to the right field bullpen, where starting pitcher Wei-Yin Chen was getting to warm up. Image Here he is. Got nothing, though i did meet another ballhawk, who already got 8 baseballs…. We talked for a bit while Chen warmed up. I left after it was obvious i was getting nothing, and sat in the amazing seats I had. I had one chance for a third out ball, but some guy three sizes bigger than me, wearing all orioles stuff, got in front of me and snagged the ball that was thrown to me by A.J. 

Start of the season!

Hello again,

Tomorrow will be my first game of the season! I can’t wait. First pitch 7:10. Getting there at 5:45 or so. not too bad, looking to contine my 3 game streak for getting a ball. Look for more in the coming days.

Well this will be an interesting season……


For you fellow Whitesox fans, we have a fun year ahead of us. “Rebuilding” But not officially? We have some young talent, Chris Sale is going to be REALLY good, and we have Tank, and our bullpen core of rookies and Escobar won’t be too bad, plus our prime approaching players like Alexi and Flowers and de aza….

You should know that this blog will be both a little bit of news and commentary from me, along with some game stories for the couple of games throughout the year…. I managed to get 6 Major League Baseballs last year, and only went to 3 games… Average of 2 per game…. Not bad… I hope to get better this year…..

And May the odds be ever in your teams favor. (Hehe)